Service Strategy and deployment

Following the fact that Service profitability increases (while product profitability decreases) it becomes crucial for a company to define a concrete customer centric Service strategy.

Service Strategy advantages :
• No competition through pricing (with negative impact on profitability)
• Service offer meets customer needs and provides a perception of uniqueness
• Service offer is difficult for the competition to copy


The PSS methodology in contains 4 phases :

• Diagnosis : Identify where you stand with your customers today. With PSS you are going to entail a complete picture of your :

    - Customer relation
    - Organisation
    - Processes
    - Tools

• Analysis :Based on the findings PSS will analyse, highlight strengths and points to be improved:

• Service Strategy Development : Following the outcome of the analysis you will define a new strategy based on

-Customer needs
- Characteristics determining the satisfaction and the loyalty of the customers
- How you can use these characteristics for a strategic differentiation
- Determine a service offer and how you can propose it to your customers
- Determine how you can standardise and industrialise the processes to realise a maximum of economies of scale while maximising customer satisfaction

• Service Strategy Deployment touching the following domains :

    - Service offer development adapted to customer needs
    - Development of a Service Business Model
    - Identification of the Service Organization to be set up
    - What are the performance indicators for the future organization
    - Which processes determine the efficiency of the organization? What are the best practices you may use?
    - Which skills are necessary?
    - What are the partnership models you are going to set up?
    - What are the needs in regards to the information systems and which choices you need to make?