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Project Management

Project Management Maturity Audit :

Analysing the interactions related to project execution. The objective is to:
• Understand : why the project is facing problems (delays, exceeded budget, quality issues, etc.)?
What is the maturity of your Project Management Organisation?
• Prepare : define and prioritise the objectives to reach. Choose the actions to be put in place
• Act : implement and execute the action plan defined

Project Management Methods Standardisation :

The objective is to analyse your project management methods, to evaluate and to adapt them to your needs to get a better efficiency in your projects :

What is the PSS Approach ?

Identify : We need to know methods, organisation, processes and tools.
• Select : With the help of PSS you choose the best practices and methods to manage your projects.
• Implement : Put in place the methods chosen in alignment with processes, organisation and tools.
• Monitor : With the help and assistance of PSS you ensure the Change Management

Best Practices Adoption :

To enhance your Project Management practices and to increase their efficiency PSS proposes to help you in the adoption of best practices for your company:

How are we going to do ?

Identify : PSS needs to understand and know your methods and practices
• Analyse :PSS will analyse the gaps in relation to your objectives
• Develop :With the help of PSS you will work out the best practices to be implemented and a strategy to get them adopted
Implement : With PSS you will put in place the best practices in Project Management for your company

Project Management Solutions Deployment :

As project management specialists PSS proposes to accompany you all the way during your project or even to take the lead of your project and to make it successful.
This includes the following domains :

• Analysis and definition of needs
• Definition of Business Model
• Choice of scenario – Selection/ROI
• Execution
• Monitoring

Portfolio Management Audit :

Objective is to analyse the processes which lead to decisions in relation to your different projects.
PSS analyses all processes during all phases, before and during the project in order to :

• Identify : Know the whole range of your projects which are mobilizing the resources of your organisation
• Select : Choose projects which generate most of the value for your customers and therefore create profitability
• Adapt : your choices to your company strategy. Optimise resources

Project Portfolio Management :

The project portfolio management allows to control that the organisation is doing the right projects while project management controls that projects are well executed.
How is PSS going to do?

Evaluate : Starting from your strategic orientation PSS evaluates your project portfolio
Recommend : PSS proposes the appropriate processes to make the right decisions in order to optimize your project portfolio
Guide : PSS guides you during the elaboration phase of the methods to be implemented

Program Management :

To monitor your program PSS is going to :

Guide the program manager in the implementation of the program
Adapt and optimise resources
Develop a dashboard with appropriate indicators
Propose tools in order to better monitor your programs
Accompany the program manager over the time


PMO Implementation and/or assistance to the PMO Manager :

In order to implement a PMO PSS proposes the following methodology:

Identify: know your needs and analyse them
Develop and choose
           - an organization which is able to support the Project Managers.
           - a methodology following the needs expressed through the strategic objectives.
Implement: Deployment of the solution.
Evaluate, correct and adapt: After the implementation together with PSS you will evaluate, correct and adapt the solution if necessary.

Training :

PSS proposes a broad range of training sessions related to Project Management. PSS offers personalised training solutions answering to your needs.

• Introduction to Project Management
• Preparation of the certification PMP
• The project team and leadership
• Time management
• Quality management
• Scope management
• Management of communication in projects
• Risk management in projects
• The PMO
• Change Management in projects
• Program Management
• Portfolio Management
• Earned Value Management (EVM)
• Projects in a multicultural environment